Wipe away the barriers to your success!

A brief story-

I was cleaning the bathroom the other day.  As I glanced in the mirror preparing to wipe away many month’s worth of grime and gross, it dawned on me that I hadn’t been seeing myself clearly for a very long time.  My daily time in front of that mirror was always clouded, never clear, and certainly not a true reflection of myself.

With extra time and way more elbow-grease than one should have to apply (it had been a long time!), I had a open visual field.  I smiled.  I liked what I saw…imperfections and all.  I was free and clear to see myself.

Apply this to life.

The barriers or self-created stories that we conjure about people, situations, work and life cloud our vision.  We have an opportunity each and every day to clean away the grime and gross and truly see our perfect selves.

Ask yourself these questions today:

-Can I see this situation from a different perspective?

-Can i rid myself of something or someone who does not help me to see a clear image or path?

-Are the stories i tell myself true?  Real? Or just a way to keep my fear of moving forward at bay?

Clean off your mirror today.  Check out this short video (by our creative manager Daryl Byklum) for inspiration.