Are you listening?

Not every problem needs a solution…sometimes problems just need to be let out into the air.

As I listened to the problems come forth from a loved one this week, my mind was immediately turning with solutions.

This is how you should feel.

This is how you should solve the problem.

This is how your need to move forward…


A gentle reminder that he did not want a solution…he just wanted me to listen.

The listening space was far more useful and valuable than any solution I could possible offer.

Ask yourself today…

-Am I listening?

-Can my love be shared with a smile and nod, rather than words or a strategic plan?

-Is listening what I also need?  Don’t be afraid to ask for it.


Wipe away the barriers to your success!

A brief story-

I was cleaning the bathroom the other day.  As I glanced in the mirror preparing to wipe away many month’s worth of grime and gross, it dawned on me that I hadn’t been seeing myself clearly for a very long time.  My daily time in front of that mirror was always clouded, never clear, and certainly not a true reflection of myself.

With extra time and way more elbow-grease than one should have to apply (it had been a long time!), I had a open visual field.  I smiled.  I liked what I saw…imperfections and all.  I was free and clear to see myself.

Apply this to life.

The barriers or self-created stories that we conjure about people, situations, work and life cloud our vision.  We have an opportunity each and every day to clean away the grime and gross and truly see our perfect selves.

Ask yourself these questions today:

-Can I see this situation from a different perspective?

-Can i rid myself of something or someone who does not help me to see a clear image or path?

-Are the stories i tell myself true?  Real? Or just a way to keep my fear of moving forward at bay?

Clean off your mirror today.  Check out this short video (by our creative manager Daryl Byklum) for inspiration.


Fill up on LOVE

We fill up and add “things” to our lives.  We welcome in new items, self-help objects, technology, and “stuff” of all kinds.  We do this in the belief that these new objects will get us to where we need to be…happiness, success, more money, weight-loss, etc.

The opposite is true.


We need to REMOVE these items and objects to get us to where we need to go.

When you remove, you create more space – essentially for LOVE.

Love for yourself.

Love for others.

Love for life.

Love for nature.


Love for a higher being.

Love for family and friends.


Check out and discover real-life stores of how one family choose to REMOVE the unnecessary “things” in life,  creating more space for love and allowing them to live the richest life possible.

Open up to your day!

Beautiful thoughts and images on a beautiful day!  Aspire2grow.  Enjoy!

Another video created by our Chief Artistic Director – Daryl Byklum.


Have you ever thought about how a pineapple grows?  First thought…on a tree?  Second thought…I have never really thought about that.  Third thought… maybe not a tree.  A bush?  The ground?  Maybe it is a tree?

Pineapples grow up from the ground.  And sometimes when we are faced with challenges, difficulties or uncertainties, it is wise to remember to take a different perspective.  Take a moment to refocus and reevaluate what the circumstance may be.  The answer may just be right in front of you…like a pineapple.  

Let’s talk about movement…

Movement!  The human body was designed to move and stand.  Not sit and be inactive.  When you move, your cortisol (stress hormone) decreases, and your endorphins increase.  This endorphin rush can propel you for a whole day.  That is largely why it is recommended that if you can, exercise in the morning hours.  But little choices all day are beautiful…take the stairs, stand at a meeting rather than sit, take your breaks and move, use the stairs in your home and go up and down them several times.  I use the kitchen counter when I am cooking to do “hula hips,” squats, leg lifts, etc.  Add in strength moves when you are walking the stairs at work:  squats, toe and heel raises, arm stretches.  Small moments like this go a long way!

Be Present.

Five ways you can be PRESENT in your day.  Start today!

  1.  Breathe deeply.
  2. Observe and listen.
  3. Feel your feet and toes upon the earth.
  4. Put away the electronics.
  5. Focus on the moment at hand.  Not the moments to come

“Wherever you are, be all there.”  ~Jim Elliot

Are you radiating today and everyday from the inside?

Thoughts.  Emotions.  To-do lists.  Schedules.  Meetings.

We follow these leads to guide, shape, and fill our hours each and everyday.

We follow these leads unconsciously each and everyday.

We follow these leads.

Make a switch.

Let your inside lead you.

Let your inside lead you consciously each and everyday.

Let your inside radiate as YOU guide, shape, and LIVE each and everyday.